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Meta Browse the Internet in a 3D Web Cosmos.    Meta Browse the Internet in a 3D Web Cosmos.    Meta Browse the Internet in a 3D Web Cosmos.    Meta Browse the Internet in a 3D Web Cosmos. +41 76 322 29 48
“Metaformose” is an ongoing research project about the structures of websites and network topologies viewed from a technical, aesthetical and philosophical perspective. “Metaformose” generates a playful experience based on HTML tags of a user-defined website. The information on the website will be abstracted and transported into playful, interactive data objects. “Metaformose” reflects on the internet as a meta place. The user takes a journey to virtually fly through an interactive data jungle based on the specified website information. By breaking the flat appearance of what we see on a website and the code behind, the user experiences floating data objects in a 3d web cosmos. This meta browsing is putting web data into a new context while also allowing the user to rearrange data fragments and create new meanings. By bringing back what data fragments the users picked and rearranged during their meta browsing sessions the users can upload their collection back to the web. Check out the user fragments gallery to see some results.


During my Master I did a lot of experiments. To give these experiments a platform I created a video giving some insights in the process of “Metaformose”. A lot of these experiments were not used in the final app.

If you are intrested in testing “Metaformose“ on your Ipad via Testflight contact me via the Testflight access button on top. There you can also check out the Moodboard. If you want to see more insights make sure to follow me on Instagram. This project was designed and developed at ZHdK - Zurich University of the Arts in the Masters Programm.


Tunay Bora 2018